Minimalist Cooking

We’ve become a nation of consumers, which is often done to bring joy or make others envious. In many cases, having what the neighbor thinks important doesn’t add to your life. A new movement has started. It focuses on living with more intention and focusing on what truly brings you internal joy, rather trying to use external things for that joy. There are no strict rules, since it’s all up to the individual, not a one-size-fits-all. A minimalist diet and minimalist cooking is part of the movement. It’s not about a specific diet but simplifying the way you eat. It doesn’t have any strict rules or particular foods.

It’s about making life simpler.

Hearing the words, “What’s for dinner?” can be quite wearing, especially since it can be heard every day. To avoid decision fatigue, minimalist cooking was developed. It’s not a specific diet, but a way to make life simpler, even when it comes to what to eat. Minimalist cooking focuses more on food preparation than the actual food you eat.

It’s cooking using simple, whole foods.

You don’t have to have a fancy menu and often find the simplest foods are the ones most satisfying, like fresh fruit for dessert. Minimalist cooking keeps recipes simple, with fewer ingredients and fewer steps. It’s about making double and triple batches of food you love and cutting down the amount of time in the kitchen by thawing and heating the extra meals later. Sometimes, you can’t freeze the extra food, so minimalist cooking finds ways to use leftovers for a whole new meal, like using baked chicken for chicken salad sandwiches or the bones of the chicken for chicken broth.

When you do minimalist cooking, you have less clutter and waste.

How many times have you taken out a can or box from the cupboard, only to find the use by date was months earlier? That can be quite frustrating. It’s also wasteful. When you do minimalist cooking, you stock only the food you know you’ll be using and can even get it at a good price when it’s on sale. Organize the pantry, so the newest food is to the front. Do the same with the refrigerator and freezer. You also don’t have the need for as many gadgets in the kitchen, which also saves on clutter.

  • There are no rules on what to eat and what not to eat, except to have well-balanced nutritious meals. Once you find the dishes you enjoy, you can mix and match them to add variety.
  • One rule of thumb when doing minimalist cooking is to always ask yourself if you’re making an impulse purchase, whether it’s for a new kitchen gadget or food supplies at the grocery.
  • When you organize your kitchen for minimalist cooking, you’ll find there’s a lot less clutter. You’ll be able to pack away cooking utensils you don’t often use to create more counter space. The less clutter, the nicer it is to cook and the easier it is to keep it clean and organized.
  • We provide meal plans that are easy to make, simple and healthy. We even give you shopping lists. Once you follow our nutrition plans for a while, you can choose meals you love and opt to minimize your time in the kitchen.

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