Everett Diet Plan


If you are looking for a perfect diet plan which best suits you by considering your lifestyle and profession, then you must definitely contact Targeted Nutrition Technologies in Everett, WA. Our Everett diet plan is scientifically proven which helps our clients to keep up a healthy body and lifestyle. We offer three various types of pre-defined diet plans in our Everett diet plan.

We introduce you to software for professionals in which various diet programs and efficient nutritional food supplement information is provided. We then add necessary exercise procedures to our clients for our Everett diet plan. A proper nutritional diet plan depends upon habits, profession, and lifestyle, and helps a person to have a healthy body and mind which is proposed in our Everett diet plan.

  • Nutritional advice
  • Eating disorders
  • Sports nutrition specialists
  • Consultant dietitian
  • Personalized diet plans

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Everett Exercise Plans


Proper exercise brings you a healthy body and a peaceful mind. With our Everett exercise plans, we bring you the best and proper way to be healthy with the help of our personalized fitness programs. Our Everett exercise plans give you three different plans for each program. Each program will be scheduled according to the lifestyle, eating habits, and profession of the customer in our Everett exercise plans.

We will work on creating a healthy nutritional diet plan that gives you energy for your daily workouts and activities for your Everett exercise plans. We provide software for professionals that help you to watch the diet and daily activities and gives insights from registered dietitians and health advisors in our Everett exercise plans.

  • Strength and fitness coaching
  • Fitness instructors and coach
  • Weight loss programs
  • Sports coaching

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Everett Health Plans


From experience with our Everett health plans, we believe that only plans with scientifically proven evidence can make a person healthy and strong. With our Everett health plans, we strictly follow a powerful nutritious diet along with proper exercise to bring positive and long-lasting changes for a healthy body and mind. We first study the physiology of each client.

We then provide hundreds of nutritional diet plans created by our registered dietitians and nutritionist along with health specialist designing Everett health plans. In Everett health plans, no diet plan or health plan will be identical since everyone is unique in various aspects. We will create a completely different Everett health plan especially for you, considering your lifestyle and profession.

  • Personal fitness training
  • Certified personnel trainers
  • Fitness specialist
  • Develop physique

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