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Improve health, body composition, and performance with cutting edge coaching programs, dietitian designed meal plans, and professional nutrition software.


Diet and Exercise Plans

Targeted Nutrition Technologies’ sleek user interface not only allows clients to easily access our vast library of dietitian designed meal plans and scientifically structured exercise programs, but also to track progress, log exercise, generate grocery lists, and much, much more.

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Nutrition Coaching

The men and women’s coaching programs consist of comprehensive, year-long behavioral change curriculums that deliver nutrition and exercise—either together or separately—in convenient and affordable ways.

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Nutrition Software

Targeted Nutrition Technologies’ innovative nutrition software has been specifically designed for personal trainers, strength coaches, and allied healthcare professionals who want to provide meal plans to their clients but neither employ nor have access to a registered dietitian.

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Targeted Nutrition Technologies’ custom mobile app and stylish web portal enable clients to quickly access a wide variety of great meal plans and highly-effective exercise programs anytime, anywhere.  This service is perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight, build muscle, improve health, and increase performance, including:


Nutrition Coaching

Our men and women’s coaching programs consist of comprehensive, yearlong behavioral change curriculums that deliver nutrition and exercise—either together or individually—in convenient, easy-to-understand, and affordable ways.  These courses are particularly ideal for:



Targeted Nutrition Technologies’ cutting-edge nutrition software has been built specifically for Health, Wellness, and Medical Professionals wanting to provide safe and effective meal plans without the aid of a Registered Dietitian.  Our intelligently designed software offers many convenient features, including:




After successfully earning my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2008, I immediately began working as a personal trainer for the YMCA in my hometown of Auburn, Washington. Since that time, I have continued to acquire the skills and education necessary to help health and wellness professionals improve their businesses, and individuals of varying backgrounds achieve positive and sustainable changes in health, body composition, and performance.


Mike’s Targeted Nutrition Technologies program has provided a tremendous wealth of information. I feel it has enriched my life in more ways than I could have imagined. With Mike’s help and guidance and not giving up on me, I now have the health I have always wanted and a positive outlook towards my long-term health goals. Thank you for all your help, I’m not sure how I could ever repay you.

James Marino - ID

This program has given me many practical and empowering tools to aid me in meeting my wellness goals. I am now eating more mindfully and healthfully, and I’m exercising and sleeping more consistently. Best of all, I’m living my life with so much more enthusiasm and drive. Thank you, Targeted Nutrition Technologies!

Mindi Scott - WA

I really appreciated the program’s gradual progression. Each week’s focus was addressed in enough depth to not overwhelm while incorporating the previous lessons. The writing was especially entertaining as well as engaging. All in all, it increased my awareness of what my diet should look like and how I could make improvements when making choices at the grocery store or dining out.

Hank Guinn - CO

Seattle Diet Plan


Are you looking to improve your health and body composition? You can end your search with Targeted Nutrition Technologies. We provide the region of Seattle, WA and its surrounding communities with a diet plan and cutting edge nutrition software to give you the solutions that you are looking for. Your well-being is our top priority and for that reason, we offer a tailored Seattle diet plan that is fully customizable to exactly what you need.

Our Seattle diet plan is designed and thoroughly evaluated by various medical doctors, dietitians and other healthcare professionals. Each Seattle diet plan that we have is satisfying and delicious and will be something that is healthy and balanced. Our Seattle diet plan is something that is customizable and can be easily exchanged to revise your meal plans to match your preferences.

Get in touch with us when you are looking for:

  • Diet plan to lose weight
  • Diet plan for men
  • Diet plan for women
  • Diet plan for diabetics

If you are looking to create a personalized health and wellness Seattle diet plan, contact Targeted Nutrition Technologies today!

(253) 499-8598

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