Good Exercises For Couples

Exercises for couples in Auburn, WA, became popular during the pandemic and have continued, especially now when we all can enjoy the great outdoors. Why are couples’ workouts popular? For a number of reasons. The first is that they provide time together without all the electrical gadgets that tend to get in the way of conversation. Next, when you have an exercise buddy, like your spouse, you’re being held accountable for keep up your workouts. Here are a few ways couples can workout together.

Traditional workouts include sit-ups and other exercises that require a partner.

If you’re working out on your abs, you can use your partner to put pressure on your legs to keep them flat during a sit-up or for those working out at home, the partner can take the place of a machine. You don’t need a glute-ham raise machine to do a glute-ham raise. You can kneel on the floor and have your partner hold your lower legs. Then start lowering your upper body toward the ground without touching the ground. Raising your body back up slowly next. It becomes an exercise for both the person holding the legs and the one doing the glute-ham raise.

Exercise can be playtime, too.

While you might want to keep at least three exercises based on calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, you can vary the workout by adding yoga, tai chi or fun things. Just walking is an excellent workout, especially if you up the ante and do some speed walking, varying the pace. Dancing is both fun and excellent exercise, just as rock climbing or any active sport.

Make sure you set the rules before you start.

You both have to be dedicated to sticking with the program and make it an appointment with each other at a specific time every day. It’s far too easy to get home from work and decide to take it easy for the evening. Try scheduling in the morning so you don’t let the activities of the day disrupt your schedule. Remember, men gain muscle and lose weight faster than women do because of hormones. Don’t get discouraged if your partner is showing quicker gains.

  • Modify the exercises to make them more “couple-friendly.” Squats can be modified to back-to-back squats with arms interlinked, then modified even more with arms crossed in front.
  • Modify planks by doing them facing. Work until you can lift one hand and do a high five with your partner, then move back to starting position.
  • If you’re working out at home, you can use resistance bands to do couples exercises for strength. Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be stored easily in a drawer.
  • You’ll improve your love life when you exercise. Studies indicate it can make couples feel more complete and satisfied. It may come from having a common goal or just sharing more time together.

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