Ever Tried Dance As Exercise

Everyone wants to be their healthiest, but that takes effort to change your lifestyle. Two of the changes that are most significant for health are eating healthy and exercising regularly. There are some people in Auburn, WA, that simply hate going to the gym or working out at home. For those people, try something fun and active. For instance, dance as exercise is exceptionally beneficial. You can do it at home and make an evening out on the town dancing your exercise time. It’s fun, so you’ll be more likely to do it.

It’s great cardio.

Does running bore you or does the weather frequently make it impossible? Not only weather but other safety issues can be a consideration for walkers or runners. Does taking the stairs to nowhere or walking endlessly on a treadmill make you yawn? Dancing is different. It not only is more fun and provides cardio, but it can also boost upper body strength, besides the obvious benefits for the lower body. You move your entire body. Those moves make muscles work on a number of different planes, working large and small muscles that might not get the same movement during a more traditional cardio workout.

The music diverts your attention.

How many times have you worked out, looking at the clock every few seconds and by the end, noticing every sore muscle, and focusing on how tired you are, literally making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Dance is different. You need to use songs you love, ones that push you toward greatness and achievement or ones that are fun that always make you want to move. You can join a dancercize class or dance alone. It’s all about getting up and moving.

You can boost your strength and flexibility when you dance.

Dancing is a full body workout that moves every muscle. You can do all types of dance, too. Ballet is a rigorous form of dance, but so is just turning on fast music and letting your body dictate the movements. It helps you lose weight, boosts heart health, improves muscle strength and improves endurance. Since you’re standing and moving, it’s a weight bearing exercise that can boost bone health. You’ll look better, feel better, improve your balance and have more energy when you dance.

  • Dancing can boost your brain power, too. That’s especially true if you’re in a more organized type of dance class. Just learning new steps and movements can create new neurotransmitters, improve focus and boost brain power.
  • Dancing can help you sleep. If you have problems falling asleep or get poor quality of sleep, dancing can help you fall asleep quicker, sleep sounder and have improved sleep quality.
  • Has stress wiped you out? Get up and dance. There’s nothing better to burn off the hormones of stress than moving. Dancing can put a smile on your face in the process, too.
  • You can dance your way to lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and improved cholesterol levels. You can boost your central nervous system and lose weight by dancing. What are you waiting for? Turn up the music and dance.

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