Lose The Diet Pills

Every day, we’re bombarded with ads about diet pills, either on television or the internet. If you look closely on some of the television ads, there’s tiny print stating the amount lost after several weeks was mere ounces, compared to people who didn’t take the pill that lost nothing. Some pills advertised come with a diet to use for best results. It’s low calorie and the reason for most weight loss. The pill may actually cause harm, so why not toss it and just use a healthy diet?

Save your money and your health.

Losing weight and keeping it from returning is all about developing healthy habits and making smart choices in the food you eat. Most diet pills come with a generic healthy diet that isn’t created specifically for your needs. Some ingredients in the pills, like inositol, can be effective, but is also found in fiber rich fruits and vegetables and you get extra fiber and other ingredients for weight loss.

Some diet pills focus on speeding up your metabolism.

Any time you take the benefits provided by Mother Nature and concentrate the ingredient into a pill, you’re asking for problems. Ephedrine was once used in diet pills. It came from the Chinese plant Ephedra sinica. It was used for treating asthma and respiratory problems until it was found to speed up metabolism until it was found to cause high blood pressure and other problems. Your health is worth more than a quick weight loss fix, but you can lose weight and stay healthy with a program of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Some like it hot, but if you don’t, diet pills can provide the hot pepper.

Capsaicin also boosts calorie burning. Where does it come from? It is made from hot peppers. That fiery heat is found in the white pith inside the pepper and the rib of the chili pepper. You can get the same benefit from spicing your food and it tastes better than popping a pill. Increasing capsaicin in your diet can cause an extra 50 calories a day to be burned. That’s a pound in 70 days. If you can’t eat peppers due to acid reflux or digestive issues, the pills will make it even worse.

  • L-carnitine in food like nuts, dairy and legumes does help you lose weight by burning fat, but it’s still unknown whether a supplement can do it. Too much can be lethal and cause high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and even seizures.
  • If you find a diet pill that contains CLA—conjugated linoleic acid—there is often very little. If you want to supplement your diet with it, use dairy and meat that comes from grass fed animals.
  • Many of the ingredients in diet supplements can help but are also cheaper and more bioavailable from their food source. For instance, drinking green tea is better than taking a green tea extract. The water from the green tea boosts your metabolism and fills you up.
  • Too often people buy supplements to get the benefits they can get from eating healthy. If you have a specific dietary need, let me know. I’ll create a personalized diet that will boost your weight loss efforts.

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