Why Are Kettlebells So Effective?

If you want to build strength, kettlebells are extremely effective. The kettlebells make the workout more intense, so you burn more calories in less time. A good kettlebell workout cuts the amount of time you spend in working out, and builds flexibility, balance and endurance at the same time. You choose the weight of kettlebell that’s right for you, making it easy to personalize every workout. One word of caution, learning the right form is extremely important.

What makes kettlebells different from dumbbells or barbell weights?

Both dumbbells and barbells are equally weighted on both sides with the center of gravity right in the center. On kettlebells the center of gravity is between six to eight inches from the grip of your hand. As your hand changes position, the center of gravity changes, forcing the core muscles to work to keep you stable. Not only does this cause more calories to burn, but it also provides functional fitness training.

Kettlebells provide a full body workout.

There are several types of moves from simple swings to Turkish get ups that work a variety of muscles at once. A simple swing can work as many as 600 muscles before the full exercise ends. The fact that it’s off-center works the stabilizer muscles in your core. You’re constantly changing your center of gravity, forcing them to constantly work and burn additional calories you wouldn’t burn by just lifting weights. Depending on your weight, body composition and intensity, you can burn as many as 200 calories in ten minutes with kettlebells.

When you workout with regular weights, you also need extra flexibility training.

Kettlebells have built-in flexibility training. Flexibility training is extremely important when you’re doing strength training. If you fail to do it, it can limit your range of motion and cause injury. Not only do kettlebells increase flexibility, they also boost endurance training, which is important for your cardiovascular system. When you swing kettlebells, your muscles go through both a lengthening and shortening phase, giving you a double workout at once.

  • Kettlebells provide a great low impact exercise for the cardiovascular system. If you have a problem with feet or ankles, it’s a superior way to get your cardio exercise. Your feet never leave the ground.
  • Do you want to develop explosive power for track, basketball, football, cycling or gymnastics? Kettlebell training can help you do it. They require the explosive strength and power you need for those sports.
  • No matter what type of strength training you do, it helps improve the strength of your joints, which prevents injury. Kettlebell workouts also work smaller muscles on a number of planes to make the joints even stronger.
  • Not only are kettlebells efficient, they’re fun to do. However, you do need a few sessions of special training to ensure you learn the right form. Smacking your own body with the kettlebell takes away a lot of the fun.

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